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Great Race LogoHere in The Villages Running TimeWatchedLink
Highlights of The 2014 Great Race (Ended in The Villages 6/29/14)6m 58s
August V-Mail from The Villages4m 14s
Pass Gas Pump

Passin Gas Pump

Pure Gas Pump

97 Old Car Movies and Ads Running TimeWatchedLink
Down The Gasoline Trail - A Cartoon (1935)7m 58s
Women Driving in the UK (1937)13m 38s
Balance (in Design) (1935)6m 32s
The New Plymouth for 193711m 7s
A Tour of the Chevrolet Assembly Plants (1937)24m 36s
A Tour Through the Ford Rouge Plant (1938)30m 22s
Fisk - America's Safest Tire (1935)10m 49s
What Stops Them (1935)6m 15s
Around The Corner - How Differential Steering Works (1937)9m 30s
Oldsmobile Hydra-matic (1941)0m 51s
Singing Wheels (1941)23m 24s
Autobiography of a Jeep (1943)9m 42s
Vintage Motorcycles (1890-1960)8m 27s
Oilfield Dodge (Before there were roads!) (1920)2m 46s
A Tribute to Pontiac Dealers7m 50s
Triumph On The Track (1950)9m 43s
Body by Fisher (1950)13m 0s
Dinah Shore Introduces the 1953 Chevrolet9m 41s
Dave Garroway Touts the New Chevrolet Corvette (1953)3m 17s
General Motors Produces Their 50 Millionth Car (1954)10m 12s
Groucho Marx Touts the New DeSoto (1957)1m 18s
A Selection of Small Car Ads1m 57s
Aero-Willys TV Ad (1954)0m 52s
Kaiser-Frazer Henry J. TV Commercials (1951)3m 27s
Packard TV Commercial (1953)1m 2s
Ford Police Cars (1956)1m 34s
Lucille Ball Loved Her Ford Skyliner (1957)1m 34s
Lincoln Continental TV Ad (1961)2m 7s
Pure Fire Bird Super Gasoline Ad (1964)1m 0s
Texaco Sky Chief Gasoline Ad (1960s)1m 1s
Sinclair Super Octane Power-X Gasoline Ad4m 36s
Joie Chitwood's Thrill Show (1956)9m 18s
Want To Be An Auto Mechanic ? (1940)10m 1s
3 Ads For The Futuramic Oldsmobile (1948)3m 29s
Baby Cadillac - A Silent Film - London 19136m 45s
Driving in New York City in 1928 (Don't Miss This!)4m 53s
Buster Keaton's Sherlock Jr. (1924)3m 34s
Win a 1932 Car5m 14s
Danger on the Streets - A Silent Film (1937)7m 47s
American Cars in Cuba (1980)2m 14s
How to Go Places with Gale Storm and Lee Bonnell (1953)10m 41s
Making of the 1956 Lincoln Continental Mark II14m 21s
The Automatic Choice (1961)14m 47s
Autobatics (1939)3m 28s
The Trip (1940)0m 49s
The Dymaxion MK-II (1934)0m 54s
So You Want To Be A Bus Driver (1946)10m 0s
Auto-Lite on Parade (1940)22m 48s
The Way You Want It (1950)8m 25s
Studebaker Cars and Trucks (1950)8m 29s
Nash Airflyte Commercial (1951)0m 52s
"Under The Tread" - Making Brunswick Tires (1934)16m 17s
French Steam Runabout built 18844m 42s
Driving Passion - Model T History10m 5s
Spring Harmony (1935)9m 12s
Hydraulics (1936)7m 21s
VJ Day Celebrations in Hawaii in 1945 (Historic!)3m 39s
Styling Ford Cars (1964)16m 36s
Wishes On Wheels - Chrysler Car Assembly Tour (1957)26m 28s
Plymouth Plainsman Dream Car (1950s)1m 26s
New Chrysler Family of Cars (1957)2m 57s
Cadillac Trip Computer (1979)5m 2s
Changing Architecture of the Motor Car19m 15s
The New Ford V8 (1935)3m 21s
1957 Introduction of the Ford Edsel4m 56s
1960 Ford Lineup3m 1s
1960 Ford Economy Twins1m 26s
1961 Chevrolet Commercial1m 18s
1964-1974 Muscle Cars4m 14s
1956 Nash Ambassador Promotional Film5m 55s
1967 American Motors Advertisement2m 21s
1969 American Motors Rebel Commercial1m 1s
A Drive Down Wilshire Blvd., Hollywood, CA. (1936)2m 9s
The 1936 Stout Scarab - Ahead Of Its Time !0m 53s
Building A Radio Flyer Car (2011)3m 16s
Ad for 1942 Oldsmobile B-4448s
9 Classic Car Video Ads for 1927-1951 Models15m 5s
Ads for the 1939-1940 Pontiac28m 57s
GM's 1953-1956 Parade of Progress (Rare Footage)29m 17s
Ad for the 1955 Motoramic Chevrolet9m 42s
Ads for the 1955 General Motors Cars11m 1s
Ads for the 1960 Chrysler and Imperial30m 20s
Lincoln Continental (1965)6m 55s
The Bus Driver (1945)10m 3s
A Tribute To Old Busses On Highway 6110m 55s
The Story of Harley Earl8m 19s
The Story of Henry Kaiser - Cars that challenged Detroit3m 9s
Jay Leno's 1931 Duesenberg Model J Restoration17m 20s
Jay Leno's Original 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe Business Coupe16m 55s
Jay Leno's Garage: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1A12m 41s
Jay Leno's Garage: Decoliner Custom11m 30s
The Boys of Bonneville Movie Trailer (2012)3m 10s
Ultimate Autos Part I (TV Program Feature)30m 35s
Ultimate Autos Part II (TV Program Feature)15m 33s
Need an old part? I probably have it!6m 21s
The Elegance of the Classic Era - 15 Exquisite Cars23m 46s
Restore or Customize? - 25 Beautiful Examples1h 29m
Smell Gas Pump56 Old Car Stories Running TimeWatchedLink
My 1951 Ford Ford Custom Club Coupe2m 49s
My 1956 DeSoto Fireflite Sportsman Coupe2m 11s
My 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2 Door Hardtop3m 11s
My 1958 Corvette Doubletop3m 8s
My 1961 Pontiac Catalina 2 Door Coupe2m 16s
My 1965 Pontiac GTO Convertible3m 11s
My 1966 Plymouth Barracuda3m 53s
My 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe3m 40s
My 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396 Coupe3m 33s
My 1970 Olds Cutlass 4-4-2 Coupe2m 48s
Story of a Model A7m 52s
Our 1953 Kaiser Carolina3m 14s
The Morgan (A Video Essay)2m 14s
Story of a 1931 Ford Phaeton3m 28s
Story of Ernie's Dwarfs1m 54s
Story of Ernie's 1949 Dwarf Mercury6m 10s
Story of a 1957 Chevy Bel Air1m 23s
Story of Bill Albright's Twin H Hudson Ranch - Part 19m 23s
Story of Bill Albright's Twin H Hudson Ranch - Part 29m 54s
Story of Maggie4m 11s
LaSalle St. Auto Row Car Show - Aurora, IL.3m 45s
1916 American LaFrance2m 54s
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Replica4m 49s
Test Drive of the 1955 Packard Patrician7m 19s
Which is better - the Corvette or the Mustang?4m 23s
GM Dream Cars Over The Years5m 49s
Steam Car Race in Britain3m 42s
A Steam Car Hot Rod ?6m 54s
Driving a 100 Year Old Steamer2m 25s
Do I Hear $4.6 Million Bid ?1m 25s
A 1963 Steam Powered Falcon3m 0s
1901 Ford Race Car with Carl Edwards7m 54s
Vintage Racing at Laguna Seca2m 47s
Antique Hunting in Southampton2m 32s
Story of Wrecked Metals3m 38s
Rusty but Reliable6m 32s
Story of Beauty and the Beast2m 45s
Walter P. Chrysler - A Visionary Leader5m 47s
History of the Chrysler Corp.4m 22s
History of the Checker Motors Corp.8m 21s
History of the Rolls Royce Motor Company19m 52s
History of the AMC Pacer24m 31s
History of the Mini Cooper25m 0s
History of the Lincoln Motor Car Company3m 43s
History of Volvo (Feature Length Movie)47m 14s
History of Packard25m 4s
History of Buick (Feature Length Movie)46m 58s
Biography of Henry Ford (Feature Length Movie)45m 40s
History of the RV (Feature Length Movie)56m 27s
History of Duesenberg (Then and Now)13m 35s
History of the BMW Company (Feature Length Movie)47m 10s
Fabulous Fords of the 50's (Feature Length Movie)59m 54s
America's Favorite Cars - The Corvette (Feature Length Movie)49m 39s
America's Favorite Cars - The Mustang (Feature Length Movie)49m 49s
Where Have All The Tuckers Gone? (Feature Length Silent Movie)43m 17s
The Story of Henry Ford (Full Length Movie)1h 53m
Bean-O Gas Pump28 Car Museum Movies Running TimeWatchedLink
Blackhawk Automotive Museum2m 7s
Auburn - Cord - Duesenberg Museum22m 35s
Lane Motor Museum9m 1s
Petersen Auto Museum Part 13m 19s
Petersen Auto Museum Part 23m 6s
Petersen Auto Museum Part 34m 11s
Petersen Auto Museum Part 42m 41s
National Automobile Museum8m 27s
LeMay America's Car Museum Part 12m 18s
LeMay America's Car Museum Part 23m 6s
LeMay America's Car Museum - Grand Opening7m 32s
LeMay America's Car Museum - Harold LeMay2m 5s
Muscle Car Museum3m 34s
Wheels of Yesteryear Museum0m 30s
Northeast Classic Car Museum2m 24s
Larz Anderson Auto Museum1m 57s
California Automobile Museum2m 53s
Tupelo Automobile Museum7m 4s
Volkswagon AutoMuseum - Wolfsberg, Germany3m 6s
Beaulieu Motor Museum9m 20s
National Automobile Museum of Italy2m 54s
Louwman Automobile Museum11m 54s
Maybach-Fahrzeuge Car Museum1m 30s
Mercedes-Benz Museum3m 15s
BMW Museum3m 10s
Schlumpf (Bugatti) Collection2m 43s
Walter P. Chrysler Museum (Feature Length Movie)1h 9m
Concours d'Elegance 2013 Hilton Head6m 59s

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