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The Villages Region AACA,   1323 Cameroon Ct.,   The Villages, FL. 32162   (352) 750-1169.
Concept Car Trivia
<font size='+2'>1948<br>Buick Streamliner</font><br>(Norman Timbs design)<br>Aluminum body and steel frame,<br>with rear engine 'Buick Super-8' <font size='+2'>1937<br>Cadillac Fleetwood Custom Phaeton</font><br>(John Hampshire design)<br>Model 5859<br>dual-cowl and a V-16 engine <font size='+2'>1962-64<br>Chrysler Turbine Car</font><br>(Elwood Engel / Ghia design)<br>130 hp 44,500 rpm gas turbine burned any fuel<br>5 prototypes and 50 beta test vehicles made<br>at $50,000 each - 9 remain <font size='+2'>1938<br>Buick Y-Job</font><br>(Harley Earl design)<br>2-seater with the first hidden headlamps<br>Harley's daily driver for many years <font size='+2'>1965<br>American Motors AMX-I</font><br>(Richard Teague design)<br>No engine, so they dubbed it the 'Pushmobile' <font size='+2'>1959<br>Cadillac Cyclone</font><br>(Harley Earl design)<br>Sliding doors and<br>retractable bubble into the trunk <font size='+2'>2000<br>Buick Blackhawk</font><br>(Steven Pasteiner design)<br>455 c. i. - 463 hp V-8 engine,<br>retracting top into the trunk and<br>retro styling like the 1948 Buick Streamliner <font size='+2'>1964<br>Dodge Charger Roadster</font><br>(Elwood Engel design)<br>Hemi engine, spoiler/roll bar,<br>hood scoop and bumper pads <font size='+2'>1954<br>Plymouth Belmont Convertible</font><br>(Briggs design)<br>All fiberglass <font size='+2'>1952<br>Packard Special Speedster<br>Phantom II</font><br>(Ed Macauley design)<br>Supercharged 359 c. i. V-8, with side chrome,<br>rear window wiper, spotlight and dual exhaust <font size='+2'>1941<br>Chrysler Thunderbolt</font><br>(Alex Tremulis design)<br>Retractible hardtop, anodized bumpers,<br>with hidden door handles and headlamps <font size='+2'>1955<br>Chevrolet Biscayne XP-37</font><br>(Chuck Jordan design)<br>4 door hardtop - fiberglass body <font size='+2'>1961<br>Dodge Flitewing</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>Hinged side windows and a ram-air-inducted<br>383 c. i. - 330 hp wedge V-8 <font size='+2'>1958<br>GM Firebird III</font><br>(Harley Earl design)<br>Turbine engine and fins everywhere <font size='+2'>1953<br>Buick Wildcat I</font><br>(Harley Earl design)<br>Boot-less convertible top cover,<br>foot-controlled radio and<br>GM's first fiberglass body <font size='+2'>1954<br>Buick Wildcat II</font><br>(Ned Nichols design)<br>Expanded front wheel wells<br>with polished metal inner fenders <font size='+2'>1940<br>Chrysler Newport Phaeton</font><br>(Ralph Roberts design)<br>Dual-cowl,<br>hideaway headlights<br>and mini-bumpers <font size='+2'>1957<br>Oldsmobile F-88 Mark II</font><br>(Harley Earl design)<br>Center console dash dials,<br>bumper-less front and rear<br>and mini-fins <font size='+2'>1958<br>Plymouth Cabana Wagon</font><br>Glass roof, side and rear window combination<br>and suicide rear doors <font size='+2'>1933<br>Cadillac Fleetwood Aerodynamic Coupe</font><br>First fastback style with<br>tubular bumpers and the<br>first concealed spare tire in the trunk <font size='+2'>1962<br>Ford Mustang I</font><br>(John Najjar design)<br>90 inch wheelbase and just 1500 pounds,<br>it was powered by a German 1.5 liter V-4 <font size='+2'>1955<br>Oldsmobile Delta 88</font><br>(Harley Earl design)<br>Dual fuel tanks in fenders,<br>cast aluminum wheels and<br>a dipping beltline <font size='+2'>1952<br>Lincoln Continental Nineteen Fifty X</font><br>aka Lincoln Typhoon<br>Ford's 'Car of Tomorrow'<br>with retractable clear dome top <font size='+2'>1954<br>Packard Panther Daytona Roadster</font><br>(Dick Teague design)<br>Did 131 mph on Daytona Beach <font size='+2'>1954<br>Oldsmobile F-88 Convertible</font><br>Corvette style body <font size='+2'>1933<br>Dymaxion</font><br>(Architect Buckminster Fuller design)<br>Three wheeler with rear wheel steering,<br>Ford V-8 rear engine with 30 mpg fuel<br> efficiency and 11 passenger capacity <font size='+2'>1964<br>Mercury Aurora Station Wagon</font><br>Step in tailgate to rear facing seat<br>and lots of surrounding glass <font size='+2'>1951<br>Buick XP-300</font><br>(Charles Chayne design)<br>Supercharged 300 hp V-8 did 140 mph <font size='+2'>1954<br>Dodge Firearrow III Sport Coupe</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>Concave grill and bumperettes<br>Betty Skelton did 143 mph in it <font size='+2'>1955<br>Cadillac Eldorado Brougham</font><br>Swiveling driver's seat and<br>hidden exhaust pipes in the rear bumper <font size='+2'>1954<br>Oldsmobile Cutlass</font><br>Copper-toned windshield and<br>louvered backlight <font size='+2'>1956<br>Buick Centurion XP-310</font><br>(Chuck Jordan design)<br>Glass roof and TV camera rear view <font size='+2'>1969<br>Jeep XJ-001</font><br>Four wheel drive <font size='+2'>1957<br>Chrysler Diablo</font><br>(Virgil Exner / Ghia design)<br>Pushbutton transmission <font size='+2'>1954<br>Mercury XM-800 Hardtop</font><br>(John Najjar design)<br>Fiberglass body with<br>4 bucket seats, it was a full<br>5 inches wider than production cars <font size='+2'>1938<br>Phantom Corsair</font><br>(Rust Heinz & Maurice Schwartz design)<br>No runningboards or door handles,<br>6 passenger, front wheel drive and<br>electrically operated 4-speed automatic <font size='+2'>1960<br>Plymouth XNR</font><br>(Virgil Exner / Ghia design)<br>A-symetrical styling<br>on a Valiant chassis <font size='+2'>1954<br>Plymouth Plainsman Wagon</font><br>Rear facing third seat and<br>a power tailgate window <font size='+2'>1961<br>Chrysler TurboFlite</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>Retractable roof canopy<br>and a high rear spoiler <font size='+2'>1946<br>Plymouth 4 Door Sedan</font><br>1948 Hudson lookalike <font size='+2'>1954<br>DeSoto Adventurer I Coupe</font><br>(Virgil Exner / Ghia design)<br>Trapezoid grill and<br>side exhausts <font size='+2'>1958<br>Cadillac Skylight Coupe</font><br>(Pininfarina design)<br>Dual headlights <font size='+2'>1954<br>Hudson Italia Touring Coupe</font><br>(Carrozzeria design)<br>aka Super Jet<br>with fender scoops and<br>a triangle-shaped bumper <font size='+2'>1952<br>Chrysler Special Coupe</font><br>(Virgil Exner / Ghia design)<br>Full wheel cut-outs<br>and wire wheels <font size='+2'>1964<br>Plymouth Road Runner<br>aka Beep-Beep X-1</font><br>Side air foils on rear fenders,<br>half-height windshield<br>and a roll bar <font size='+2'>1956<br>Oldsmobile Golden Rocket 2-Seater</font><br>Tri-hull catamaran look with<br>door opening that triggered roof raising<br>and seat swiveling <font size='+2'>1954<br>Plymouth Belmont 2-Seater Convertible</font><br>With a Dodge V-8 engine<br>and fiberglass body <font size='+2'>1951<br>Chrysler K-310</font><br>(Virgil Exner / Ghia design)<br>Built for K.T.Keller with a 310 hp engine,<br> eye-browed headlights and<br>Imperial-look elevated gun-sight taillights <font size='+2'>1955<br>Pontiac Strato Star</font><br>Scalloped wheel openings and<br>gull-wing front bumper <font size='+2'>2008<br>Rolls Royce Hyperion</font><br>(Pininfarina design)<br>460 hp V-12 engine,<br>6 speed automatic<br>and suicide doors <font size='+2'>1964<br>Ford 'Big Red'</font><br>600 hp gas turbine powered<br>long haul tandem tractor trailer<br>600 mile range at 70 mph with a full load <font size='+2'>1962<br>Ford Cougar 406</font><br>Electric gull-wing doors,<br>recessed taillights and<br>a 406 c.i. V-8 engine <font size='+2'>1953<br>Chrysler d'Elegance 2-Seater</font><br>(Virgil Exner / Ghia design)<br>Gunsight Imperial-look taillights and<br>chrome trimmed wheel openings <font size='+2'>1955<br>DeSoto Adventurer II Coupe</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>2 Seater, Hemi V-8 engine<br>and bumper-less <font size='+2'>1969<br>Chrysler 70X</font><br>Taillights in rear bumper,<br>parallelogram doors and<br>ultrasonic vehicle avoidance system <font size='+2'>1938<br>Hispano-Suiza H6C Xenia Coupe</font><br>(André Dubonnet & Jaques Saoutchik design)<br>Teardrop shape <font size='+2'>1955<br>Mercury D528 Hardtop Sedan</font><br>Fiberglass body, hood scoop, sectional grill<br>and first electric rear window <font size='+2'>1950<br>Ford Muroc</font><br>Windshield base speedometer<br>and bulging fenders <font size='+2'>1954<br>Plymouth Explorer Special</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>2-Seater with matching luggage <font size='+2'>1955<br>BMW 507</font><br>(Graf von Goertz design)<br>V-8 engine in a sports car <font size='+2'>1954<br>Pontiac Bonneville Special Coupe</font><br>(Homer LaGassey design)<br>Fiberglass body, swing up glass canopy,<br>jet engine look spare tire cover <font size='+2'>1988<br>Lincoln Machete</font><br>LCD controlled tinted glass and<br>TV camera rear and side views <font size='+2'>1955<br>Cadillac LaSalle II Roadster</font><br>(Harley Earl design)<br>Aluminum V-6 engine <font size='+2'>1965<br>Bugatti Roadster Type 101C</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>The last Bugatti effort <font size='+2'>1963<br>Chevrolet Corvair Coupe II</font><br>(Pininfarina design)<br>2+2 Seating <font size='+2'>1951<br>Buick LeSabre Convertible</font><br>(Harley Earl design)<br>Lightweight aluminum, fiberglass and magnesium<br>body, plus the first wrap around windshield <font size='+2'>1954<br>Cadillac Cabriolet Speciale PF200</font><br>(Pininfarina design)<br>Chromed oval grill separates<br>Cadillac style bullet-nose bumpers <font size='+2'>1955<br>Lincoln Futura</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>Plexiglass canopy, early large fins,<br>with speedometer/tachometer and<br>lighted fuel level warning in dashboard <font size='+2'>2010<br>Tesla Eye</font><br>(IED design team of 11 students)<br>2+2 Seater electric vehicle with nostrils <font size='+2'>1955<br>GMC l'Universelle Truck</font><br>Delivery van on a Corvair chassis <font size='+2'>1956<br>Packard Predictor</font><br>(Bill Schmidt / Ghia design)<br>Curved wrapped-up windshield<br>and sliding roof panels <font size='+2'>1989<br>Plymouth Voyager III</font><br>Two vehicles in one,<br>a 3 passenger mini-car coupled to<br>a 5 passenger wagon section <font size='+2'>1995<br>Chrysler Atlantic</font><br>Enlarged chrome wheels and<br>a 325 hp straight 8 engine<br>with Bugatti styling <font size='+2'>1969<br>Chevrolet Astro III</font><br>317 hp gas turbine powered two seater<br>drive-by-wire steering and TV rearview mirrors <font size='+2'>1956<br>Pontiac Club de Mer XP-200</font><br>300 hp V-8 engine with two quad-carbs,<br>ultra-low body, red leather interior,<br>with those dual Pontiac hood bands <font size='+2'>1935<br>Rolls Royce Blue Bird II</font><br>(Campbell Railton design)<br>2300 hp V-12<br>Did 277 mph on Daytona Beach <font size='+2'>1954<br>DeSoto Adventurer I Coupe</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>Two door, 4 seater coupe,<br>with side exhausts and quick-fill fuel cap <font size='+2'>1963<br>Ford Cougar II</font><br>(Vignale design)<br>GT sports car with a<br>260 c. i. V-8 on a tubular frame <font size='+2'>1954<br>Ford FX Atmos</font><br>Center drive position, hand grip steering,<br>'radarscope' avoidance system,<br>big jet engine styled scoops and huge fins <font size='+2'>1929<br>Daimler-Benz Streamline Bus</font><br>Front and back fender skirts, rounded rear,<br>window curtains and partial glass vista-roof <font size='+2'>1955<br>Lincoln Indianapolis Coupe</font><br>(Gian Paolo Boano design)<br>Large side scoops and stacked headlights <font size='+2'>1953<br>Lincoln XL-500</font><br>Pushbutton transmission in the steering wheel,<br>automatic jacks, a telephone and<br>a headband surrounded by lots of glass <font size='+2'>1955<br>Chrysler 'Gilda' Streamline X Coupe</font><br>(Giovanni Savonuzzi / Ghia design)<br>Windtunnel sculpted with<br>exagerated fins and central exhaust <font size='+2'>1965<br>Cadillac Eldorado Fastback XP-840</font><br>(William Mitchell design)<br>V-16 engine <font size='+2'>2003<br>Dodge Tomahawk 4 Wheel Cycle</font><br>500 hp 8.3 Liter V-10 Engine<br>0-60 in 2.5 seconds and capable of 300 mph<br>'Like riding a bullet!' <font size='+2'>1956<br>Cadillac Die Valkyrie Coupe</font><br>(Brooks Stevens design)<br>331 c. i. V-8 behind an over-emphasized<br>V-shaped nose and smiling bumper <font size='+2'>1958<br>Kaiser Waimea Minivan</font><br>(Rhys Miller / Kaiser Aluminum Co. design)<br>All aluminum vehicle with<br>transaxle front wheel drive<br>(It's NOT a Kaiser Motors design) <font size='+2'>1953<br>Cadillac Series 62 Coupe</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>Formerly owned by Rita Hayworth <font size='+2'>1967<br>Dodge Deora Pick-up</font><br>(Alexander Brothers design)<br>Powered by a 101 hp 170 ci Slant 6<br>Based on a Dodge A-100 cab-over van <font size='+2'>1936<br>Peugeot 402</font><br>(Jean Andreau design)<br>30% higher fuel efficiency with the<br>streamlined body and stabilizing fin <font size='+2'>1954<br>Dodge Granada Convertible</font><br>One piece fiberglass body with fiber<br>bumpers and structual members too <font size='+2'>1952<br>Alph Romeo C52 'Disco Volante' Spider</font><br>(Carrozzeria Touring design)<br>Jaguar E-type lookalike <font size='+2'>1957<br>Fiat Stanguellini 1200 Spider</font><br>(Franco Scaglione / Bertone design)<br>Scultured fenders and typical '57-style fins <font size='+2'>1959<br>Maserati 5000 GT</font><br>(Carrozzeria Touring design)<br>Single nostril nose scoop <font size='+2'>1964<br>AMC Rambler Tarpon</font><br>Dropped in favor of the 'Marlin' style <font size='+2'>1966<br>Pontiac Banshee XP-796</font><br>With 421 c. i. V-8, quad exhaust,<br>hinged roof entry and<br>fold down rear seats <font size='+2'>1970<br>Cadillac NART</font><br>(Luigi Chinetti, Jr. / Zagoto design)<br>Powered by a 500 c.i. - 400 hp V-8<br>(NART = Noth American Racing Team) <font size='+2'>1990<br>Chevrolet Corvette Nivola</font><br>(Bertone design)<br>Mid engine 2-seater <font size='+2'>2005<br>Ford SYNus</font><br>(Jose Paris and Joe Barker design)<br>Pronounced 'sin-you-ehs' - diesel powered 2 liter<br>turbocharged 4 cyl., dubbed the 'Armadillo'<br>design for tough exterior and soft interior <font size='+2'>1990<br>Ford Zig</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>First half of a vehicle pair <font size='+2'>1990<br>Ford Zag</font><br>(Ghia design)<br>Second half of a vehicle pair <font size='+2'>1998<br>Buick Signia</font><br>Multi-activity sport ute<br>with removable hinged cargo lid <font size='+2'>2010<br>Bentley Continental Flying Star</font><br>(Carrozzeria Touring design)<br>Hand crafted <font size='+2'>2002<br>GM Holden EFIJY</font><br>(Richard Feriazzo design)<br>Right hand drive with<br>Corvette chassis and drivetrain<br>(Holden is Chevrolet brand in Australia)

About The Club

The Antique Automobile Club of America, based in Hershey, PA. ("The Sweetest City on Earth"), was started way back in 1935 with just 14 members. It's now an international organization in every state and 50 other countries with 50,000 members and 400 local clubs. It's goal is to preserve and enjoy automotive history and vehicles of all types including cars, trucks, motorcycles, race cars and even amphibians. Frequent local and national events are held. Membership benefits include a bi-monthly, slick, full-color, 98 page magazine, called Antique Automobile, AACA Magazine an online monthly newsletter, called Speedster, online help forums, free admission to the AACA Museum, as well as participation eligibility in many tours and shows. Annual national dues are just $35 per household, plus our $20 per household local dues. The Villages Region, chartered in 2010, requires that you be a resident of The Villages (a private retirement community). You must also be a national member. We publish an award-winning email newsletter, called The Voyager. Our local membership is now 191. Ownership of a vehicle more than 25 years old (restored or original) is not required, just interest in automotive history. Simply fill out the membership application(s) and mail them in.

Next Local Meetings & Events

TVRAACA and TVVCC Car Show and Wine Walk at Lake Sumter Landing is Friday, July 31st, 5-9 PM. By invitation only. Alan Stone 352-750-1169.

TVRAACA Lunch & Ice Cream Run to the Ice Cream DR in Inverness, FL. is Saturday, August 8th, 11 AM - 3 PM. By reservation. Shirley Rullmann 352-751-7176.

August TVRAACA Club Meeting (residents & their guests with IDs) is Monday, August 10, at 7 PM, in the Zimbabwe Room at the Odell Village Recreation Center, 2260 Odell Circle, The Villages.

(Click on the map for a closer look.)

Odell Rec Center Map

The Monthly Villages Cruise-In is Saturday, August 15, 4-8 PM, on Main Street, Spanish Springs in The Villages. Open to all vehicles 1980 and older. No entry fee. Trophies and door prizes awarded. TVRAACA goes in at 2 PM.

Club Officers & Directors

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President - Alan Stone -
Vice President - Steve Garai -
Secretary - Beverly Helfferich -
Treasurer - Don Day -
Public Relations - Vince De Santis -
Membership Director - Harry Herfurth -
Events Director - Jim Cipollone -
Hospitality Director - Helena Stone -
Facebook Editor - John Peters -
Newsletter Editor - Open
Website Mechanic - Rich Courmettes -

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